major gymnastics fanatic. I love yao jinnan, larisa iordache, and any other horribly inconsistent gymnast destined to break my heart. Team china for gold.


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Valentina Rodionenko update! Apparently heavy air conditioning, strange food, and biased Chinese judges are the reason for Team Russia’s lackluster performance at Worlds. They will have much better results in Scotland next year.

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I think it would be very interesting if someone interviewed gymnasts like Chuso, Marta Pihan, Asac, Nastia, Millousi, Tweddle etc who competed under both the perfect 10 and the new scoring system and asked them which of the two they prefered and if/how this change affected their training

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When Mustafina medalled over Teramoto


When Skinner missed a floor medal

When JLo beat Ellie by 0.001 in the AA

Trying to look for Brenna and then having a sudden realization

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